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Smart Pet Feeder with remote app-controlled pet healthy feeding features launches on Kickstarter

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Smart Pet Feeder with remote app-controlled pet healthy feeding features launches on Kickstarter

October 10
02:15 2018
Device allows pet families to remotely provide exact food portions to their pets in a way that makes pet care consistent with busy days

Hong Kong – A pet feeder that is remotely controlled through an app which allows pet families to ensure that their pets get the exact portions of food that they need throughout each day is launching today on Kickstarter, at . The campaign hopes to entice backers with dogs and cats in their families with the way this smart device allows them to remotely take care of an essential part of what their pets need: proper and timely food portions served.

Developed by company PELFIN & CO, the Q1 Smart Pet Feeder has four high precision weight sensors and two servo motors that calculates the perfect output of food and the app lets the user set up the exact portion of food for each time her pet should eat. The device is designed in an ergonomic way and it includes a specially designed slope bowls that allow a dog or a cat to eat in a way that will not cause long-term spinal problems. The bowl has been designed to fit perfectly for kittens and puppies with different face shapes and allows them to eat comfortably without bending their whiskers.

“This is truly the missing link between people’s busy lives and the love that they feel for their dogs and cats,” stated Nate, chief operating officer of the Q1 Smart Pet Feeder and owner of the crowdfunding campaign launched today. “We’ve even designed it to look aesthetically perfect from different view at home, and to help keep the food fresh, crispy, moisture-free and unaffected by the elements,” Nate detailed, alluding to the automatic double lock feature of the device that ensures that the food is tightly preserved, along with the food grade silicone seal ring and the refillable desiccant box inside the feeder that keep moisture away from the user’s pet food.

Another key feature is the adjustable feeding speed. Many dogs and cats have a tendency to devour their food when presented with their meal. Pets that eat rapidly are more likely to present with an assortment of ailments related to their speed eating including: choking, vomiting, gastrointestinal discomfort and food bloat, which can occur from gulping food and swallowed air and is potentially life threatening. Q1 allows you to set a slow feeding speed to reduce the risk of gulping. It can be switched from the normal mode to slow in the Q1 App.

“We know how loving pet families struggle with busy days and the concern for their pets, which is why we’ve also equipped the Q1 Smart Pet Feeder with an intelligent system processor which activates a food shortage alarm whenever an insufficient amount of food is in storage. That means that, either through the device’s LED Light or through an app notification, people will always know that there’s not enough food in time to refill the device and ensure that their pets always have what they need to eat at the right time. The App will also send notifications when Q1 is running out of battery or it’s fell down so that people could come back and check the situation as soon as possible,” the crowdfunder added.

For more information, please visit:, or contact April Zhu at [email protected]

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