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The 2nd Boao Enterprise Forum come to a successful conclusion, Chinese leading specialty coffee brand, Mellower Coffee has won three honorary titles

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The 2nd Boao Enterprise Forum come to a successful conclusion, Chinese leading specialty coffee brand, Mellower Coffee has won three honorary titles

October 11
14:15 2018

The 2nd Boao Enterprise Forum was held at the Asian Forum International Conference Center in Boao, Hainan, from 28th to 30th Sept 2018. The forum invited more than 500 people, including the leaders of relevant ministries and commissions, well-known experts and scholars, business leaders, enterprise representatives, and media journalists to attend the event held under the theme of Reforming and Starting again, Linking to the New Future and jointly focusing on the development of Chinese enterprises, and promoting industrial exchanges and cooperation. In this event, several major awards such as Top 10 People of the Year for the Chinese Economy and Top Ten Innovative Brands in the Chinese Industry Sector were released. Mellower Coffee was the only local leading coffee brand in the forum, with its exquisite and innovative attitude to practice the initial commitment of a coffee company ‘just for a good cup of coffee’. It won three major awards: including Chinese’s Leading Brand, Chinese ‘s Most Valuable Investment Award and Top Ten Influential People in the Chinese Industry Sector”.

Boao Enterprise Forum is an important window and channel for Chinese entrepreneurs to spread the strength of Chinese enterprise and highlight Chinese brands through the forum. The forum set up six major activities consisting of keynote speeches, roundtable forums, investment and financing matchmaking meetings, awards ceremonies, the Boao press conference hall, and corporate brand exhibitions. This included Didi Chuxing Technology Co., CEO Cheng Wei, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. Vice President Guo Ping, Haier Group CEO Zhang Ruimin, Geely Auto Group Chairman Li Shufu, Gree Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Dong Mingzhu and so on. More than 20 business leaders gathered together to consolidate their collective wisdom. They relied on the advantages of internet technology and new media to promote the dissemination and exchange of culture, and it will open a new journey for the development of Chinese enterprise. The Boao Enterprise Forum considers the comprehensive performances of the company in terms of influence, innovation, driving force, contribution, and development, and determined the final winners and Mellower won the title of Chinese Industry Leading Brand together with Midea Group Co., Ltd., Legend Holdings Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing and Media Co., Ltd.

Chinese Industry Leading Brand Awards

The leading coffee chain, Mellower Coffee, with its timely and innovative new-generation of coffee, and outstanding achievements of brand globalization, stands out from the top participating companies from all industries. It won three honorary titles, namely Chinese Leading Brand, Chinese Most Valuable Investment Award and Chinese Ten Most Influential People in the Industry.

Integrate lifestyle into creative coffee to recreate a unique flavor from its place of origin

As the leading brand of specialty Chinese coffee, Mellower Coffee has a green coffee bean import and export trading system covering the world’s specialty coffee estates and a production procurement network. They can control the perfect quality of every cup of coffee from its source, but out of love for the land of China, they hope to comprehensively improve the image and status of Yunnan coffee on the global coffee stage. In 2011, Mellower Coffee decided to open its own coffee estate in Pu’er, Yunnan. With the mission statement of ‘just for a good cup of coffee’, Mellower is on the road to finding its dream. The unique soil, water, air and microbial environmental conditions in Yunnan’s environment have formed a unique flavor for Yunnan coffee that is fragrant, a bit fruity, but not bitter.

Mellower Coffee hopes to bring better quality coffee and emerging specialty coffee culture to China, and also hopes to showcase Yunnan coffee beans to the world. The Xiaoyuan coffee beans launched in this autumn are Mellower trademarked products. They used a completely manual method of selecting round and full coffee beans, which are then sent to the roasters just to get the pearl-like Xiaoyuan coffee beans. Due to the Mellower Runyuan Manor from Pu’er in Yunnan, it combines the most popular Pu’er Tea with the characteristics of the local environment to combine them with Italian-style concentrated coffee beans to change the impression of traditional coffee in people’s minds. A cup of coffee with the taste of Pu’er tea, doubling the experience for your taste buds, Xiaoyuan beans have a really good taste.

For many years, Mellower has focused on the production of specialty coffee, the development of creative drinks and the experience of coffee culture without fail. At the beginning of the development of their brand, the exclusive creative coffee drinks such as Ice Lemon Sparkling Yirgacheffe and Sweet Little Rain have been widely received by consumers. The store menu will also introduce limited-edition products, pre-packaged coffee beans, instant drip coffee bags, and artisan coffee in stores in accordance with the seasonal consumption and diversified consumer demand in the seasons and marketing quarters. Mellower not only cares about the taste of coffee but is also willing to integrate lifestyle into the concept of beverages so that consumers can experience different flavors and local flavors without going overseas and embrace a whole new lifestyle while enjoying the fun of the social occasion that is drinking coffee.

Promoting the development of the coffee chain: the value of the brand is constantly improving

Compared with the entry of foreign coffee brands, with the maturity of the domestic market environment, technological development, and business model innovation, it has laid the foundation for the rise of local coffee in a new era. The capital’s sense of smell is often the most sensitive, from the conservative view in the past to the opportunistic view of the present, more and more investment institutions have entered the coffee industry.

In the Asian Brand Festival that ended recently this year, Mellower Coffee reached a brand value of 13.987 billion Chinese Yuan, and together with leading brands in various industries such as Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, and COFCO, it was listed as one of the Top 500 Asian Brands. The rapid growth of brand recognition and valuation of Mellower indicates that specialty coffee has ushered in an unprecedented space of development and has gained more and more market and capital favor.

Chinese Most Valuable Investment Awards

Different from fast food chain coffee which represents cost performance, Mellower Coffee represents the specialty nature of the industry, always pursuing excellence in quality and providing consumers with exquisite experiences and services. Since its establishment in 2011, Mellower Coffee has been focusing on every step of making a good cup of coffee, from the beans to the cup, and gradually building a complete coffee industry chain. Mellower Coffee has built a professional and advanced coffee roasting factory in Yunnan and Shanghai. It has a leading domestic automatic baking production line and a professional quality control team composed of well-known baking masters at home and abroad to explore more coffee roasting flavors. The barista is the soul of a good cup of coffee, and to ensure the quality of the barista, Mellower Coffee has established a coffee college with a team of championship trainers and excellent teaching equipment and an excellent teaching environment, which continuously cultivates specialty coffee talent for the coffee industry.

Spreading Chinese specialty coffee and fully deploying our brand globalization strategy

This era is the era of glory and the age of heroes. As the leading brand of Chinese specialty coffee, Mellower is constantly pushing forward and developing in China, and it is inseparable from the leadership and promotion of Ms. Lei Miao, Chairwoman of Mellower Coffee. The acquisition of the Top Ten Influential People in China award reflects both the recognition and praise of the authoritative organization for Ms. Lei Miao’s personal influence, and also highlights the status and influence of Mellower Coffee in the industry.

Ms. Lei Miao, Chairman of Mellower Coffee, took the stage to receive the award

In 2016, Mellower Coffee entered the overseas market for the first time, selecting Singapore as its destination, and led the way for Chinese specialty coffee to go abroad, becoming the first Chinese specialty coffee brand to enter the overseas market. The overseas specialty coffee chain is a bold attempt to spread Chinese specialty, coffee feel and dreams, share a cup of specialty coffee with the Chinese people, and continuously expand to the overseas market. Currently, there are more than 50 branches across Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Singapore, Korea, and Vietnam.

Mellower Coffee hopes to connect the various industries of home, art, fashion, and others through the taste of specialty coffee, and talk to the people who love life and change people’s perception of a better life. In order to further promote strategic globalization and enhance brand awareness, Mellower Coffee has fully expanded into the global high-end consumer market over the last few years. In December 2017, Mellower teamed up with the internationally renowned brand Paul Smith to hold a world tour exhibition, bringing Paul Smith’s subtle and delicate brand personality into the joint theme pop-up store, bringing consumers a diverse and specialty life experience. At the beginning of 2018, Mellower and Broadway’s popular musical Kinky Boots opened a new concept of cross-border marketing, and the first time to experience the fun of immersive musicals.

Mellower Coffee Specialty Instant Coffee Series

This time, the awards of Chinese Leading Brands, Chinese Most Valuable Investment Award” and Top Ten Influential People in China marked another step in Mellower’s progress in the process of globalization. With the successful conclusion of the 2nd Boao Enterprise Forum, all outstanding enterprises will sail again and embrace the new future. “Coffee, culture, creative, and close to you” will be the focus on brand building and the spread of Chinese specialty coffee culture. In the future, Mellower will continue to develop more diversified flavors of specialty coffee, enhance the quality of life for consumers who understand life, and serve each customer with a focus on the attitude of high- quality and professionalism.

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