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RL Turner Releases The Driver Book III: Turmoil, Announces Book I And Book II Relaunch Featuring Cover Redesign

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RL Turner Releases The Driver Book III: Turmoil, Announces Book I And Book II Relaunch Featuring Cover Redesign

October 12
22:30 2018

Mr. RL Turner, writer of thrilling, page-turning action adventure novels, is proud to announce the launch of the latest chapter to his Driver Book Series, The Driver Book III: Turmoil. Concurrently with this new release, the first two books of the series, The Driver Book-I Decision, and The Driver Book II Training are relaunched with new cover designs.

The Driver Book Series protagonist is Marc Lange, a professional race driver who, in The Driver Book-I Decision, is in a quest to fund his almost-broke racing team. To do so, he strikes a deal with Rene Dufour, a different kind of driver – someone who is involved in the business of Engagements – transporting people or things off the grid and oftentimes into the open arms of danger. Rene pulls Marc into of his business Engagements, which turns into a life-and death situation that carries well into The Driver Book II: Training plot line, where Marc goes on train to be a member of the Drivers, the shadowy group of paid mercenaries that take people or things from point A to point B. In The Driver Book III: Turmoil, Lange encounters the Anti-Drivers, a group hell bent on stopping Drivers and taking whatever they are carrying, frequently resulting in deadly consequences. Now Marc is forced to enter a whole other level, along with Rene Dufour, he is recruited to be a part of a clandestine group working with the national security agencies as bait for the Anti-Drivers.

“Marc Lange grinds his gears and gets back into action,” said author. RL Turner. “It’s been four years since The Driver Book II: Training’s release, and readers can finally keep up with Marc’s latest adventures. After his dealings with Rene and his initiation into the mercenary group The Drivers, Lange once again finds himself in turmoil. I also wanted a fresh look that reflects more of the action contained in the novels. So, I commissioned a new artist with a heavy film background to add that missing element of tension lacking in the previous covers. They look great and really impart that element that I felt was missing, you just want open the book and dive in. So, will he get out of these new set of challenges unscathed? There’s no way to know other than getting the book – so readers of the series should waste no time and jump right in ASAP!”

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