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Expensive & painful facelift surgeries no longer needed with this inexpensive JawlineMe device

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Expensive & painful facelift surgeries no longer needed with this inexpensive JawlineMe device

March 15
15:57 2019

A novel concept promises to do away with painful and expensive facial procedures using the natural power of exercising facial muscles. Sweden based JawlineMe is a new company that has launched the JawlineMe Fitness Ball and Facial Toner that requires only 10 minutes a day to transform one’s face into a chiseled and aesthetic shape.

Just like the body, the face too is built with muscles, 57 to be precise. What holds true for exercising the body applies equally well to our face too. With enough training, rest and nutrients the facial muscles will grow just like any other muscles in the body. The revolutionary new facial fitness regime launched by JawlineMe is a new way to reinvent one’s look and acquire a photogenic face by simply exercising the jaw, neck and facial muscles.

JawlineMe wants everyone to acquire a handsome jawline and a distinct facial allure without the expensive, painful and invasive injections and surgeries. Such procedures are neither long lasting nor produce satisfactory results.

Even the most virulent health enthusiasts may never have thought to exercise their face! The JawlineMe fitness routine is here to help you look and feel your absolute best. With just ten minutes of chewing every other day, the JawlineMe Fitness Ball will leave you chiseled, lean and clean, with minimal impact on your workout routine,” says Hugo Broström of RF Group AB.

The JawlineMe Fitness Ball & Facial Toner reproduces the entire range of bite movements with three different resistance levels. Frequently exercising your facial, jaw and neck muscles followed with a healthy diet will develop and define your face over time like never before.

The fitness ball is easy to use, with bite strips to place the teeth and chew on. The product can also be boiled in water and then chewed upon to fit the jaw shape. It takes only a few week for most to see results, such as a stronger jaw and a more defined and structured face.

Effective, simple and easy to use, Jawline Fitness Ball & Facial Toner is a natural solution for a younger and healthier facial appearance. The product is available from its official website.

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