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Going back to real timber. Scandi design at handy prices.

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Going back to real timber. Scandi design at handy prices.

March 15
18:44 2019

Melbourne – 15th March, 2019 – Trends come and go, but beauty is timeless. That’s why the focus of award-winning father-son business, Icon by Design, is on the simple elegance of Scandinavian furniture.

David and Adam Lightare the co-founders of Icon by Design, and the third and fourth generation of the Light family to have been involved in the furniture industry. “For us,” says David, “it represents a heritage of craftsmanship and quality.”

“In a society that has seen an evolution from solid wood to manufactured wood, we’ve taken a move back to solid furniture,” he continues. Take one look at the Scandinavian dining room furniture and you’ll see very quickly why Icon by Design is at the forefront of what is bound to become a furniture revolution.

Bucking the trend of today’s disposable society, every single piece at Icon by Design—from living room furniture through to Scandinavian tables—is well constructed and hand-made. According to Co-Founder, Adam Light, “we’re trying to make beautiful, well-made and timeless furniture accessible to more people.”

And when a business can supply Scandinavian designer furniture in solid timber at the prices most people charge for veneer, they’re certainly onto something.

For Icon by Design, it’s all about the clean, minimalist designs of Scandi furniture. The firm is confident that while trends and designs will doubtless change over the years, elegance and beauty will always be a constant. That’s why it is certain customers will enjoy their furniture as much in30 years as they do today.

With such a progressive business, it should come as no surprise that sustainability has its place among the company’s values. Every piece, including a wide range of Scandinavian chairs and Scandinavian bedroom furniture, is made from oak and walnut that has been sourced from FSC-certified forests in America. That means the wood must meet stringent standards, including replanting where necessary.

Spearheading the revolution back to real timber isn’t the only way the firm—with two shops in Sydney and one in Melbourne—is innovating. Its supply chain is very different from most furniture retailers, and therein lies the reason it can offer quality and Scandinavian design at such affordable prices.

Adam Light says “We’ve cut out the middle man.We’re buying straight from the factory for the end consumer, effectively bringing Scandinavian furniture to themat wholesale prices”. What’s more, the company has found a way that customers can benefit from even lower prices. By pre-ordering their furniture, it saves the cost of warehousing—a benefit Icon by Design is more than happy to pass on.

About Icon by Design

At Icon By Design we understand this desire, but we realise that it can be tricky to find great furniture at the right price.

We think the high-end and expensive designer brands gives you, the consumer, a raw deal. That’s because everyone along the way takes a cut, from brands to wholesalers and landlords. So we’re taking on the high-end retailers to offer you timeless design, crafted furniture at affordable prices. 

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