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CCK: Do Not Follow The Trend, Focus On Building Digital Currency Application Scenarios!

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CCK: Do Not Follow The Trend, Focus On Building Digital Currency Application Scenarios!

March 18
23:33 2019

CCK: Do Not Follow The Trend, Focus On Building Digital Currency Application Scenarios!

Blockchain, one of the top ten hot words in 2017. Blockchain is a machine for confidence building, a great technology that rivals power, steam engines and the Internet. With the rise of blockchain technology, the appearance of digital currency based on blockchain technology as the infrastructure has sprung up. Till now, the number of digital asset classes in the market has exceeded 1,500, with an economic volume over $300 billion. However, except for the opportunities derived from the prosperity of the market, it is more impetuous and blundering. Today, blockchain practitioners are more speculative that their biggest concern is the revaluation and devaluation of currency rather than the development of the industry. Excessive enthusiasm in the market sometimes blind people, causing a lost of basic economic common sense. But, how to sustain the value of a digital currency if there is not any industrial support? Thereby, how can we tackle this predicament.

In recent, the Canadian Digital Monetary Storage Foundation has invented its own solution, which is CCK professional digital currency bank, the world’s first digital currency debit card.

The Canadian Digital Monetary Storage Foundation, headquartered in Ottawa, where is the political and economic center of Canada. The Foundation has a long-term profession of development of blockchain technology and concentration on the digital currency investments. The foundation aims to integrate the digital currencies with the real economy, and promote the development and application of digital currencies. The Canadian Digital Monetary Storage Foundation has abundant capitals that it has so far received capital injection in the total value of $150 million. Investors include the Morgan Financial Group, one of the top ten financial groups in the United States, and several investment institutions, including the LCF Rothschild Group, an international family-owned financial group with over 200 years of history, Goldman Sachs, IDG Capital, and hedge fund Pantera Capital. As early as 2016, the Canadian Digital Monetary Storage Foundation started to establish a global elite team excel in the blockchain technology to promote the development of the CCK project, building the world’s first digital currency bank with the digital currency debit card as the core. After more than two years of research and development, CCK has finally revealed to us.

“The innovation of CCK is that its digital debit card can support the monetary storage of multiple digital currencies on the market, which has the same banking system as people deposit real monetary currencies in real life. The critical of CCK is that it can exploit the full advantages of digital currencies, supporting global cross-border payment of digital currency and various online and offline consumer applications. Moreover, CCK has launched POS machines and terminals of independent technologies simultaneously with its debit card, supporting the financial settlement of six major digital currencies and the US dollars, the British pounds, the Euros and the RMB. In principle, CCK will optimize our traditional payment methods to make global payments safer and more convenient,” the CTO of CCK Platform, Alexander Pettier introduced.

In addition, Stephen Huntsman, the CEO of CCK Platform, said, “The great aspect of CCK is that it contributes a safe asset storage to the digital currency owners, and even helps them manage their investments for the appreciation of assets; on the other side, CCK has created multiple application scenarios for digital currencies, including its own alliance with offline industrial entities to build blockchain industry chain, and drive the development of blockchain technology, and facilitate the application of digital currencies.”

Ten major practical applications

  1. Debit card
  2. Aircraft and train tickets
  3. Social security funds, insurance payments
  4. Cars, real estates, accommodations, food and beverage consumptions
  5. Currency exchange, monetary payments
  6. Smart watch coin mining hardware
  7. Driving recorder coin mining hardware
  8. Medical and health consumptions
  9. POS development
  10. Terminal development

2018 is the year of the burst of blockchain bubbles. There is no doubt that 2019 will be the year of rapid development of the entire blockchain technology application. Also, CCK has arrived China. CCK will create ten major practical applications, including debit cards; aircraft and train tickets; social security funds, insurance payments; cars, real estates, accommodations, food and beverage consumptions; currency exchange, monetary payments; smart watch coin mining hardware; driving recorder coin mining hardware; medical and health consumptions; POS development; and terminal development. Involving industries such as living expenses, living consumptions, smart equipment, vehicle equipment, insurance, and medical health. As far as we have known that CCK has completed the project docking of the houses and automobiles, in which users can use their digital currencies on the CCK platform to buy their favorite real estate and cars. Moreover, CCK will vigorously support China’s big health industry that the projects of cellular storage and blood purification are actively developing. Sooner, people will recognize more CCK applications in future.

The development of a technology or the development of a market will experience a period of chaos. However, many blockchain technology enthusiasts like me hope that the chaotic period of blockchain technology development will soon be over, accomplishing a large-scale business application of blockchain technology. I believe that as long as the market has CCK – of a clear objective, does not follow the trend, focuses on building the digital currency application scenarios, blockchain technology will sooner extend to our lives with digital currencies in the real life, and the era of the digital economy will come. I wish CCK a great success!

CCK: Do Not Follow The Trend, Focus On Building Digital Currency Application Scenarios!

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