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Hubi’s global and initial launch of FTC campaign reached a great success

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Hubi’s global and initial launch of FTC campaign reached a great success

March 20
22:21 2019

Hubi ( is a global digital asset exchange alliance, the world’s first “Exchange Alliance 3.0” model, everyone is a super node. Hubi’s exclusively 3 major advantages, “Platform + Alliance + Eco-system”, providing global users with a one-stop trading platform of lower entry threshold, better services, higher liquidity.

At 14:00 on February 26, 2019(UTC+8), FTC started the global and initial launch on Hubi; At 14:00on March 5, 2019 (UTC+8), the “Triple Bonuses Released” campaign reached a great success!

During the 7-day period, Hubi sent 16,000 FTC and 8 ETH. 398 users completed the first deposit of FTC, and the number of users for the first trade reached 865. During Hubi’s campaign, the daily number of first-time deposit and first-time transaction.

As shown below:

During the campaign, each of Hubi’s top 800 users who successfully traded FTC/USDT for the first time was awarded 0.01ETH. In Hubi’s FTC/USDT trading pairs, the user with Top1 cumulative trading volume received 2019FTC, while users with Top2 and Top3 trading volume received 201.9FTC. Each of the top 200 Hubi users in the ranking of cumulative trading volume (buying + selling volume, but excluding self-trading) received 30FTC.

FITO COIN is a blockchain created for service/item exchanges, with features such as security and high scalability that allows it to run large-scale decentralized applications on the blockchain. The FITO COIN will be used as a digital currency in the FITO COIN ecosystem to pay for it. With its strong technical strength, FITO COIN has an efficient digital currency mining pool and is dedicated to providing miners with a more friendly interface, better functions, and more convenient use. More generous and transparent benefits.

In order to better serve Hubi users, Hubi will launch HUB at 14:00 on March 20 (UTC+8). The schedule is as follows:

HUB Deposit function will be opened at 14:00 on March 20 (UTC+8).

HUB Withdrawal function will be opened at 14:00 on March 20 (UTC+8).

HUB/USDT transactions will be opened at 14:00 on March 20 (UTC+8).

HUB eco-coin is issued in compliance with HB Global Blockchain Foundation Limited in Singapore.

As the global token connecting Hubi ecosystem, HUB is never issued free of charge, and HUB carries the ecological rights, circulation and value attributes.

HUB issued a constant total of 5 billion, no private placement, no ICO and no additional issuances; No airdrops, no giveaways, no free access to scenes; 7 major application scenarios to ensure its value attributes.

Contact information:

Official Website:

Official Wechat: Hubi Global

Official QQ Group: 757199968





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