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The Decentralized Exchange Newdex Opens the ENU Trading Zone Officially

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The Decentralized Exchange Newdex Opens the ENU Trading Zone Officially

March 29
17:03 2019

Last week, the Decentralized Exchange Newdex ( opened the ENU trading zone officially. The first batch of supportive trading pairs: ENU/EOS, LTS/ENU, and PPC/ENU. The user can select the Token Pocket and the Math Wallet to trade.

The ENU trading zone is divided into the category of “EOS Side”. Enumivo is the third EOS side chain trading zone opened by Newdex after supporting BOS and MEET.ONE, which is to meet the user’s trading demand for EOS side chain.

Users can realize the airdrop token they receive through Newdex. About the ENU trading zone: Enumivo transplants the underlying EOS technology and provides developer with a lower cost development scenario. The support for the ENU trading zone of Newdex means energizing DAPP on the ENU chain to facilitate the free flow of digital asset between the EOS main network and the side chain.

For Newdex, the continuous support of EOS side chain trading is equivalent to expanding the EOS ecosystem trading market.

At present, Newdex revenue comes from each user’s commission. Since the platform does not charge the listing fee, many people think that the user is an important source of income for the Exchange.

As everyone knows, Dapp built on the public chain is the real energizing role of the Decentralized Exchange. The activity of Dapp brings the prosperity of the token economy. The rewards obtained by the users in Dapp are willing to be realized in Newdex. The ecology is no longer a sub-account algorithm technology because of the abundance of Dapp.

Newdex is the earliest Decentralized Exchange in the EOS system, has more than 100 trading pairs, and cooperates with more than 26 mainstream wallets around the world, such as: ImToken, Bitpie, Huobi Wallet, TokenPocket, MEET.ONE, basically covering all EOS ecological wallets.

Newdex will gradually open the cross-chain market by supporting EOS main and side chain trading. The Decentralized Exchanges have a century-long battle with the Centralized Exchanges by solving trading needs, trading experience, and taking advantage of data and order information in chain.

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