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Essentialise Coach Their Clients to Achieve Fulfilment, Health And Success

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Essentialise Coach Their Clients to Achieve Fulfilment, Health And Success

November 05
03:39 2019

When you find yourself reteaching your body how to walk, there comes a turning point. For Lee Chambers who is the UK’s first Functional Coach, it was the realisation that the focus was purely on the physical action of walking, that the support he needed to comprehend and process the reality of a chronic illness was missing from his rehabilitation.

Chambers then devoted the next five years to the study and application of optimising mind, body and soul; he was his first client. This placed Lee in a unique position of being the recipient of his own knowledge which allowed him to, first of all, work through his own life challenges. This, in turn, inspired the establishment of Essentialise Functional Life Coaching.

Lee recognised early on that for change to take place, it was essential to have a strong ally; someone who can see an individual’s strengths and then offer advice and guidance. He also noted that very few people spend time being reflective and creating strategies to live by design, rather than default. That we can work tirelessly towards goals without clarity on why we even want to achieve them and then we use simple plans that we haven’t analysed. Even the most reflective individuals struggle to be truthful and unbiased with themselves.

Essentialise Functional Life Coaching guides both companies and individuals through a functional process to deliver exceptional performance. With a strong focus on strengths and traits and the development of the client’s ideal self, there comes a process of self- understanding and growth. Continued focus on the motivation behind goals, it in turn becomes the catalyst for helping clients to achieve success.

Lee adopts a four-pronged strategy. Firstly, clients are assisted in targeting their ambitions. Aspirations are defined, and a plan is created for clients to follow. But Lee recognises that for change to take place, a higher level of productivity is needed. So, within the second prong, he works with clients to identify opportunities to upgrade patterns of sleep, nutrition, exercise and attention.

The third element is to assist the client in crafting their mindset. Many clients have previously attempted to make changes to their lives, but they have been held back from success by their existing patterns of behaviour. Lee helps clients to identify those limiting factors and then provides support to build a new mindset of growth and resilience.

The fourth prong is what Lee calls, “Upgrade Your Software”. Now comes the time to focus on installing new positive habits while rewiring the negative habits which need to change. Establishing routines for morning and evening helps clients to remain focused on achieving their vision of success.

When working with organisations, one core principle guides Essentialise’s approach, and that is to enrich physical and mental fortitude to allow employees to excel at their job. Only then can organisations experience the benefits of an optimised workforce.

Essentialise Functional Life Coaching is based in Preston within the Lancashire region of the UK. In addition to functional life coaching for individuals and businesses, Lee Chambers is also available as a keynote speaker. Through his ability to make complex science actionable, Lee provides audiences with valuable and implementable life-enhancing tips.

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