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December 06
22:57 2019 Promotes Network Forensics Tools Help Business Block Counterfeiting

Have you ever taken a good long look at your passport? It is not the same as examining any old piece of paper. Passports are far more complex. To the average eye the use of specific fonts, colors, and translucent images make them nearly impossible to replicate. They have complex elements you cannot even detect. These elements are put in place for the protection of your identity as well as the protection of that country’s government. The idea is that these products should not be able to be reproduced.

In lieu of the continuously advancing technology, more intense measures are needed to protect your products. From sensitive documents to specific labels all your products should be protected from the possibility of counterfeiting. When asking yourself, “What to Look for in Digital Forensics and Incident Response Experts” something worth considering are companies that work with both overt and covert security technologies. Long gone are the days of simple counterfeit. As the products in the market become more technologically complex so do their fraudulent versions. Take for example the pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, counterfeit labels have been wreaking havoc in the pharmaceutical world.

According to the only way to secure the authenticity of your products is to make sure they have been treated with both overt and covert security measures. But what exactly are these security features?

Overt Security 

The easier target counterfeiters, these overt security technologies are protective measures that you can see with your naked eye. For example, QR codes or engraved microdots serve as the first line of defense against replication. Think of this type of technological security as your online passwords. But, as we all know by now, passwords can be hacked. While over security serves as a great first line of defense, for double the protection, your product will want to use covert security technology as well. You can click site for more information.

Covert Security

These types of technologies use hidden features that, unlike the overt type, are completely undetectable to the human eye. According to a network service intelligence company like Viavi Solutions, these features, “can only be detected with commercially available microscopes or specialized readers.” Used alone or in combination with other overt security technologies these measures ensure a product that cannot be replicated and used in counterfeit situations. These types of security measures are being used in pharmaceutical packaging by companies all around the world in order to ensure full protection of their drugs. Examples of covert security include incorporating magnetic elements, infrared technology, microtext, or nanotext into whatever type of product you want to protect.

Imagine if you could simply photocopy someone’s passport and use that paper as your own. Think of all the various problems it could cause. Counterfeiting leads to chaos that could cause irreparable damage. This type of damage can be easily avoided if the necessary precautions are taken. The next time you want to protect your business think about how your products can incorporate the type of technological security measures necessary in today’s technologically advanced world.

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