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Breakout Popstar Artist Aaron Paul Delivers “A Buzz” Since Release of Solo Music Video “#itsFashionDahlings”, to Critical Acclaim in 2019

Breakout Popstar Artist Aaron Paul Delivers “A Buzz” Since Release of Solo Music Video “#itsFashionDahlings”, to Critical Acclaim in 2019

January 06
23:36 2020
2020, Sings “#IamPopArT”.

British Recording Artist Aaron Paul has crammed a lot into one lifetime to say the least, and 2019 proved a remarkable year as he claimed the spotlight here within the USA becoming a mainstream music force and media personality to love and adore. Making a splash while taking the stage exuding imitable grace, style, and charm, Paul possesses a unique and engaging sense of lyrical theater embodying his artistry with soulful expression and colorful savoir fare. Fusing gender boundaries while bridging political lines thorough cheeky, fashion forward showmanship, Aaron Paul raises the bar within an industry where it’s been duly noted, some artists appear oblivious to image consciousness.

British Pop Star Aaron Paul – “Dark Diva Series”
NYC, February 2019.
Luciana Pampalone Studio
c/o APMusicENT 2020

Aaron’s 2019 calendar of live performances throughout the country was nonstop. Booked by The Kickfannie Media Group, one of Paul’s most memorable performances of the year featured him attired in a sequined, floor-length Stars and Stripes Escada gown, headlining the Tower Club Fashion Show staged exclusively for Washington DC’s fashion elite, hosted by Fox News Anchor Guy Pearce. Aaron’s rousing performance while strutting the stage flashing the nation’s signature red, white, and blue colors alongside the fashion industry’s inner circle style maker, “TheImageGuru”, Montgomery Frazier, brought the Tower Club audience to their feet in show stopping applause.

Another momentous highlight of 2019 for Paul was his performance at the Womenz Straight Talk Magazine, WOM Media Celebration of Women in the Media and Entertainment Industry and fashion show extravaganza. The exclusive award ceremony was held in the tri-state area, in the centrally located city of Berlin, NJ by Founder and Editor in Chief, Cassandra Tindal and her executive team including Stephanie Cain of Stephanie Cain Productions, and RVNTV Host and Womenz Straight Talk Editor, Denise Pereau. Womenz Straight Talk Magazine is a huge supporter of Aaron Paul and is planning to do a feature story in an upcoming issue to spotlight Aaron’s journey from British Boy Band Pop Star to current status and USA Celebrity Recording Star, currently rebranded as #IamPopArT”.

Aaron’s performance was heralded as a great success by the audience of over 275 guests along with WOM Media. Paul appeared on stage dressed in a Dell Scott Collection design featuring a skirt train adorned with silver payettes and silver sequins flowing from the shoulders with a matching steel gray and white punk style top hat producing additional runway magic for the assemblage already enchanted by the event’s fashion presentation. To the delight of the crowd, they were thrilled to be present for the debut performance of Paul’s latest hit single supporting his rebranding as the self-proclaimed #IamPopArT artist, which beautifully defines him while showcasing his ever-evolving artistry. With its classical music arrangements and theatrical sounds backed by a full gospel choir, Aaron’s voice and lyrics cleverly support his artistic lifestyle and his personal transformation through music and fashion imagery. Currently in production is an accompanying music video being produced and directed through Paul’s creative partnership with NYC Visual Fine Artist and Fashion Erotic Photographer Luciana Pampalone. Pampalone has adopted Aaron as her personal muse for several professional and private projects shooting on location and in her NYC studio. Their organic, naturally creative, working relationship on and off camera is an explosive force. Luciana has been lauded in her industry for her contributions as an artist, a mentor to up and coming photographers and a leader in all facets of her craft. Pampalone has also taught at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, the center of creative professionalism for photographers. Set for release in early 2020, Aaron’s fans are excitedly looking forward to this collaborative issue of artistic support to his latest release.

British Pop Star Aaron Paul – “Face Beat”
Brooklyn, February 2019.
Joseph Boggess Photography
Makeup by Joseph Boggess
Styled by Lauren Bridgeman & Madonna Williams (Glam Sense Beauty Bar)
c/o APMusicENT 2019

Paul’s bi-racial boyish good looks and gender fluidity have helped him to recreate his image through a total rebranding, enabling him to present himself to legions of new fans as a leading music industry fashion icon. Women want to look like him, men want to be him, and the fashion industry has claimed him with good intention. His make-up artistry enhances his overall fashion appeal with dark kohl rimmed eyes looking out over the perfect commercial smile that can light up the room on the darkest of days.

The former British pop star and celebrated United States music fashion icon was recently honored as the official “DIVA Artist” by The City Opera Thrift Shop for 2019! Each year the store selects a local New York resident artist to spearhead their annual “DIVA” sale campaign. A percentage of the store’s sales proceeds are contributed yearly towards the support of New York City Arts. A dramatic poster image of Paul was displayed in the window of the shop during the store’s hugely popular annual ‘DIVA’ sale in the store’s Grammercy Park, New York City location, which purveys a finely curated selection of clothing, jewelry, art, and home decor. Styled by Diva’s Visual Creative Director Lauren Beckman, the double life-size poster depicted Aaron, fiercely dressed head to toe in a silver leather ensemble accented with fashionable jewelry, his outfit capped off with mirrored 9-inch heeled knee-high boots, photographed by NYC Photographer and legendary Make-up Artist, Joseph Boggess, helping to draw crowds of shoppers into the store.

British Pop Star Aaron Paul – Luscious In Lavender
Photo image from his “Dance America” Music Video Shoot At The Lincoln Memorial Washington, DC, July 2019.
Bryan Griffin Photography
Gown designed by Dur Doux – (Kickfannie Media Group)
Styling by “The Image Guru” Montgomery Frazier
c/o APMusicENT 2020

Particularly exciting in 2019 was the recording of a duet with the man who created the infusion of the genres of music and fashion combined, “TheImageGuru”, Montgomery Frazier. A celebrated celebrity stylist and pop culture visionary since his days as Director of Fashion for MTV amongst several additional high-profile positions, Montgomery is a visionary when it comes to fusing fashion glamour-eccentric with pop music imagery. Frazier, often compared to Andy Warhol for his take on current Pop Culture verticals, has a keen eye for finding and cultivating new artists and professional creatives of all genres. His subjects are often enlisted as members in a newly generated, fast-expanding social media platform, following an approval for entrée process, entitled which he promotes daily.

Aaron Paul’s collaboration with Montgomery on the #itsFASHIONdahlings music video has created a sensation. And both hold court equally in their fashion infused, delightfully entertaining and elaborately stylish music video directed by NYC fashion photographer Bryan Griffin which was the key to Aaron’s career breakthrough in the US this year to solo, mainstream, music fashion artist and Pop Star. The former boyband lead singer of the UK teen pop sensation “Worlds Apart”, discovered and handpicked by Simon Cowell, currently turned US “fashion dahling”, has won the hearts of fans across the pond. A dynamic performer who possesses diversity, showmanship and artistic expression remains UN-apologetic yet universally intriguing and appealing. A natural born entertainer, Paul is fast emerging as a popular social influencer and major music artist with an engaging media personality.

Aaron Paul and ‘The Image Guru’ Montgomery Frazier, “FASHION #itsFASHIONdahling” Music Video Shoot
FIT, NYC, May 2019.
Bryan Griffin Photography
Styling by ‘The Image Guru’ Montgomery Frazier
c/o APMusicENT 2020

This exciting year also found Aaron sporting luscious designer fashions by DC mother and daughter duo, under the label Dur Doux, put in their names on the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial during the shooting of another one of Aaron’s music videos. Creating a make-up statement, half of his face was adorned with sparkling, jeweled gemstones, each gem artistically selected and applied by Montgomery Frazier, once again at the helm of another of Aaron’s headline news fashion narratives for print and video sweeping the music industry. While on tour promoting their single, Paul and Frazier appeared live on-air in a fashion television segment on “Good Day DC”, which led to the show’s repeat use of their fun and catchy hashtag #itsFASHIONdahling after the show aired.

As we reach the close of 2019, Aaron has been honored with an invitation to deliver a speech for the Chinese, African and USA Global Empowerment Event at the United Nations which is a career highlight for a man of many attributes, working tirelessly to support artistic and creative development, self-acceptance, freedom of expression and exclusivity. Paul has proven he’s an artistic powerhouse on two continents who’s love of life and the freedom of choice will certainly lead to his continuing inspiration to others throughout his career. His quest to bring awareness, tolerance and social acceptance and equality to all, will remain most dear to his heart and the driving force in his life.

British Pop Star Aaron Paul – The City Opera Thrift Shop “DIVA” for 2019, NYC.
Joseph Boggess Photography
Makeup by Joseph Boggess
Styled by Lauren Bridgeman & Madonna Williams (Glam Sense Beauty Bar)
c/o APMusicENT 2019

Denise Pereau, Womenz Straight Talk Magazine
TV Host “Renaissance Living” –
Author, Makeup Artist.


Aaron Paul Featuring “TheImageGuru” Montgomery Frazier – FASHION #itsFASHIONdahlings – Music Video YouTube Link:–WZV0

Aaron Paul Feat “TheImageGuru” Montgomery Frazier – FASHION (#itsFASHIONdahlings Mix)- NO PRELUDE – #APMusicENT c/o 2019 – Public Soundcloud Link:

Aaron Paul Feat “TheImageGuru” Montgomery Frazier – FASHION (#itsFASHIONdahlings Red Carpet Mix) – With PRELUDE – #APMusicENT c/o 2019 – Public Soundcloud Link:

Lyrics by Aaron Poole | Montgomery Frazier
c/o 2019
Song produced by Aaron Paul (APMusicENT) & Paul ‘Virgo’ Bent – (Working Class Musik) & Montgomery Frazier
Mixed by Paul ‘Virgo’ Bent (Working Class Musik)


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