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Prioritizing Cybersecurity Enhances IT Compliance With ImageQuest

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Prioritizing Cybersecurity Enhances IT Compliance With ImageQuest

March 26
13:12 2020
Prioritizing Cybersecurity Enhances IT Compliance With ImageQuest

Nashville, TN – Perhaps the greatest fear of businesses and corporations in the year 2019 was that of a data breach. Almost every other month, there was headline news of a new high-profile data breach that exposed millions of customers and their private information to hackers and the public. This development put many on their toes, from angered customers whose private data had been leaked and published on unsecured servers to corporations and businesses who had fallen victim to cyber-attacks launched by hackers. More than ever, the need to prioritize cybersecurity became clear, enhancing the need to put plans in place to prevent further data breaches.

An increasing number of businesses that collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – or those that work with organizations who do – are increasingly becoming a target, thus, raising the question of IT compliance in the face of increasing data compliance regulations. Large corporations such as Facebook, Burger King, WhitePages, Marriott, and Capital One experienced some of the largest data breaches in history. New data privacy laws taking effect in 2020 call for more corporations and businesses to sit tight and protect the interests of their clients and customers.

In the face of the rampant data breaches, the founder of Nashville-based cybersecurity services company, ImageQuest, said, “So many breaches result from simple steps not taken – weak passwords, overlooked patches & updates, as well as outdated security. Suffer a breach now, and not only do you face angry clients who may leave and sue you, but you also face business losses, regulatory fines, negative publicity, and possible bankruptcy. Even without a breach, your large regulated clients now must put you through a rigorous vetting process. If they find that you’re compliant – but not secure – you risk losing that business.” 

Proposing a solution that can help businesses move forward and stay protected, the ImageQuest founder noted that businesses stand a better chance of getting ahead of compliance laws and remaining compliant with the current standards by focusing their resources more on data protection. Milton Bartley, the cybersecurity company’s founder, added that it is strongly suggested that businesses pay more attention to information security to keep their customer’s data from leaking or being breached.

Being a provider of IT compliance and cybersecurity services to clients in regulated industries, ImageQuest aims to pass one message amongst others to clients loud and clear. The message is; “If you focus on increased cybersecurity as your outcome, then it is far easier for you to be compliant. But if you only focus on being compliant, you may miss the opportunity to make your business more secure.”

With this in focus, ImageQuest offers managed IT services that comprise complete network management and support. This includes system backups – onsite and offsite, live help desk for rapid IT problem solving, project management approach to installs and moves, hardware and software guidance, installation and support, and security solutions for malware, spam, and spyware.

ImageQuest also offers comprehensive cybersecurity services including security assessment and consulting, managed detection and response, security information and event monitoring, employee training in security best practices, user access control, vendor security review and additional services. To learn more, click here.

ImageQuest is headquartered at 815 Airpark Center Dr., Nashville, TN 37217 and provides services to clients in Nashville, TN; Louisville, KY; Bowling Green, KY; Colorado; Florida; and New York, along with 26 other states in the US. To take advantage of the IT security and compliance services offered by ImageQuest to protect against data breaches, contact their team via phone at 888-979-2679 or send online inquiries via email to [email protected] For additional information regarding their services, visit their website.

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