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DeadPestz Proves That Homeowners Can Handle Pest Control Without Outside Help

DeadPestz Proves That Homeowners Can Handle Pest Control Without Outside Help

DeadPestz is a website offering detailed guides on pest control that can help every homeowner. The portal gives free and effective advice on how to get rid of any kind of pest infestation from rodents to spiders and ants.

Pest infestations deal millions of property damage and cause a whole lot of tragedy every year. The majority of people underestimate the need for pest control. However, statistics show that getting rid of vermin is not a matter of convenience. It’s a necessity for living. DeadPestz is a web portal that provides information on how to do this.

One should be aware of the real dangers of vermin. In the US, termites are the cause of $5 billion property damage. 56% of homeowners admit that they are struggling with ant infestations, and 95% of pest control services state that they are regularly contracted for bedbug extermination. Add to that that rodents destroy enough food to feed 200 million people every year. They also carry over 200 deadly diseases that humans can contract. In fact, it were infected rats (which caught the virus from fleas) that almost annihilated Europe with the plague in the 17th century.

The civilization and technology have evolved greatly since that time. However, pest infestations are still common and devastating. DeadPestz is giving homeowners tools to fight against them.

What Makes DeadPestz the Ultimate Pest Control Info Hub?

The Internet is filled with hundreds of ‘pest control 101’ pages, so wondering why DeadPestz is special is reasonable.

What makes this particular website special is the team’s attention to details and wish to find the most eco-friendly solutions. They have a dedicated page for every type of pest, for example:

It’s the same for every page on DeadPestz. Their team of experts on seeking out and testing different ways of pest control shares highly thorough posts on the subject. They deliberately choose the solutions that are both affordable and eco-friendly.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to get rid of a pest infestation using 100% ‘green’ methods. In this case, the website offers the second best option and explains why it’s necessary. For examples, spiders can sometimes be dealt with only using bleach.

More Help from DeadPestz

The DeadPestz team is on constant alert for new and more effective pest control methods. Their database of helpful articles is growing. Today they offer solutions for exterminating bedbugs, dust mites, rats, termites, earwigs, dog ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, moles, ants, silverfish, mice, cockroaches, flies, and fruit flies. More to come soon.

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